The Jungle Book

A selection of extracts from The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling, illustrated in 2023.  The personal challenge I set myself here was to start with a difficult colour (bronze green) in a reduced colour palette and manage to recreate a tropical forest atmosphere with few elements.

“At other times Mowgli would pick the long thorns out of the pads of his friends, for wolves suffer terribly from horns and burrs in their coats.”


« Baloo taught him how to tell a rotten branch from a sound one, how to speak politely to wild bees.»

« Kaa was not a poisonous snake, in fact he rather despised poison snakes as cowards, but his strength lay in his hug.»

” Mowgli laid his head down on Bagheera’s back and slept so deeply, that he never woke up when he was put down in the home-cave.”

A black panther walking with a child lying on its back. Large yellow leaves appear in the background and a blue cave on the right.