The adventure of Ethel

This is the story of Ethel, a little girl who is too big, feels lonely and who after some adventures ends up saving her village.

This illustrated story arised during the Folktale week challenge held on Instagram in 2022, on the basis of one prompt per image. Here are some extracts.

Painting depicting Ethel, a young girl standing at the top of a blue mountain, with a small grey dog at her side. She is wearing a red dress with a red cape that flutters in the wind. In the distance, you can see blue mountains, a blue-yellow sky and a village below.

Ethel was tall, very tall, too tall and so clumsy (…)

Ethel put on her superheroine costume, which she was keeping for a special occasion.

Ethel had to act quickly. She tried to warn the villagers of the danger that awaited them (…)


When the rock broke off the mountain, Ethel was ready. She used all her strength to hold it back and stop it (…)