Marine Semichon - Illustration

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Ethel’s adventure

This is the story of Ethel, a little girl who is too big, feels lonely and who after some adventures ends up saving her village.

This un-commissioned story was created (text and illustrations) as part of the Folktale week challenge held on Instagram in 2022.

1. Ethel was tall, very tall, too tall and so clumsy. She was the laughing stock of her classmates. They thought she was a fool.

2. Ethel used to take refuge at the foot of the big tree at the top of the hill, out of sight.

3. One night, a star appeared to her. It showed her the terrible fate that awaited the villagers. A rock would soon break off the mountain and destroy the village.

4. Ethel had to act quickly. She tried to warn the villagers of the danger that awaited them. But no one listened to her. She realised that she would have to deal with the problem alone.

5. Ethel put on her superheroine costume, which she was keeping for a special occasion.

6. Ethel made a potion with all the fruits from her garden. She drank the potion and felt an incredible strength growing inside her.

7. When the rock broke off the mountain, Ethel was ready. She used all her strength to hold it back and stop it before it reached the village. It was a victory! The village and its people were saved. Never again did Ethel have to suffer the mockery of her classmates.

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